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[01-15] - Ugly Betty (2x05 A League of Their Own)
[16-52] - Gossip Girl (2x20 Remains of J.)
[53-64] - Pushing Daisies (1x02 Dummy)
[65-71] - Sarah Wayne Callies
[72-83] - Misc. (challenges - Gossip Girl & One Tree Hill)


the rest here @ odldos

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A slightly AU role playing game in search of the characters from the hit show, Gossip Girl. Currently accepting applications from any one in the show, as well as originals, so long as the main characters are filled. The game takes place in Manhattan, Upper East Side, and like the show, revolves around the lives of the elite and their children.

Welcome to New York's Upper East side where the wealthy and connected mingle at benefits and try to deal with their always dramatic love lives, not to mention picking colleges and revolves around the school the kids from the upper east side attend, as well as the lives they lead. Want to be part of the IT crowd? It takes more then just a little guts and glory to accomplish that. The more drama you have the better. After all, you’re no one till you’re talked about.

Currently seeking Serena, Dan, Lily, Chuck, Nate, Eric, Jonathan, Rufus, Dorota, and anyone else you can think of from the show. Original Characters Welcomed!

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Good morning GG fans!
We of xoxomod are proud to present XOXO RPG, a new in-character roleplaying game made for your pleasure.

We are starting this new community that really revolves around the 'gossips' blog, a Gossip Girl-style community that anyone can post in to push the game in any direction. Of course there are rules, but the most important thing is to play nice and have fun!

The game is based on the TV series, but we're not sure yet when exactly in the series we're going to start. We thought it would be fun to discuss this among all the members. Since we're new and really want to make this work, we're looking for people who are passionate about the characters and willing to help us grow and improve as a game.

We really hope to see some talented Upper East Siders join our crew! Go here to reqeust a hold on your character!

[If this is not allowed, please excuse us and delete this post.]
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GG Community here, your one and only source of scandalous graphics of Manhattan`s elite. All graphics you need to see are here!

Enjoy =)
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